YouTube Information Give Away – Grow Your Small Business Using Expert Videos

The internet is hungry for information. Google wants to compile all human knowledge in its search engines. When you help Google attain its goal, they reward you with positioning on key search terms that you care about. If your YouTube video has information that your client base is seeking, they will find the video to get that information. If you give them great information, they are substantially more likely to buy from you.

One of my clients does professional bicycle fittings. I bet you didn’t even know that there was such a thing. In order to get the most power, the greatest endurance, the most comfort, and the least chance of injury, the bicycle needs to properly fit the rider. The certified fitting instructor commonly charges $100 – $300 and takes two hours or more to get a proper fit.

PV Bicycle Center in Palos Verdes, California, is possibly the premier bicycle retailer in the country for these types of fittings. They have a very substantial studio set aside exclusively to conduct this business. Recently they created four videos, each almost 10 minutes long, that gave away every single secret of the fitting procedure (find by searching for bicycle fitting PV Bicycles). The combined videos receive about 40 viewings per day, and PV Bicycle Center now consistently sells out the appointment times available.

Only a truly gifted prognosticator could have possibly imagined even twenty years ago that individuals and companies would be so easily sharing their most closely guarded secrets. This article is an example. As a marketing consultant I would have treated what I’m about to share as secret stuff, close to the way Coke guards their formula. Not any more. In this age of forums, article directories, comprehensive website, blogs, and Twitter, those who have the best information to share, and then share it, are commonly the ones who end up with the biggest client list.

I have created blogs and YouTube videos that explain all of the following. They are completely free of charge, and I don’t even know who watches them or reads them unless they call or email me.

  1. What you need to make a video
  2. How to create a video
  3. How to use video as a marketing tool
  4. How to upload and market a YouTube video
  5. What to put on your videos

What I know about sharing all of this with the world is the following:

  • Some of you will be too fearful of the technology to do it yourself
  • Some of you will not have the patience to see it through
  • Some will try it and be very unhappy with the results
  • Most who do all of the work will need dozens of failures to get to success

I know that many who attempt to do it themselves will call a small business video marketing consultant like me at some time along the way, and that phone call will result in business for my company. And now YOU know exactly how to use the proprietary information that you possess to do the same thing.