Winds of Change in Cape Verde

Basking in the sun just off the north western coast of Africa, Cape Verde is a glorious archipelago of nine inhabited islands boasting a colourful creole of African and European cultures, today bringing a fresh surge of tourism and investment to its shores.

With developments going up fast, particularly on the busy island of Sal and around Praia on Santiago Island, the Cape Verde Islands are witnessing rapid change both in appearance and economic status. In fact they are currently tipped to undergo a similar kind of metamorphosis experienced in the Canary Islands some thirty years ago.

Nevertheless the past six to eight months do seem to have seen a relative calm on the Islands in terms of investment opportunities in quality new developments on prime locations. Fortunately this situation is about to change as investors await the launch of four superb new projects to be released on the islands of Sal and Sao Vicente over the next few months. One such project, now at launch stage, is Dunas Beach Resort, offering front line beach or golf properties and all the luxury on-site facilities to be expected of any modern golf and leisure resort today, including a spectacular commercial centre, luxury spa, communal pools and gymnasium.

As most savvy investors are aware, Cape Verde is the nearest Tropical destination for Northern Europeans and, at mere 5.5 hours budget flight from London, it sits on the brink of a heyday both as a tourist destination and as a property investment hotspot. According to official figures, visitors to Cape Verde are growing at a rate of 22% per annum, with over one million per year expected by 2015. Euromonitor global travel and tourism manager Caroline Bremner told TravelMole: “Tourism has become one of the world’s biggest and fastest growing industries, with global visitor numbers growing by 16% over 2004 and 2005 to reach 118.6 million. As a result, towns, cities and regions are welcoming a huge new influx of tourists and have begun to aggressively market their natural and historical attributes in order to encourage visitors.” Many other new facilities are also being established; for example a Macau businessman, David Chow, is investing over $100m in a casino and hotel complex in the capital city of Praia.

Increased tourism investment into Cape Verde’s economy has brought with it a new wave of businesses, all seeking top quality commercial and residential accommodation. With new investment projects worth over £150 million currently underway and more overseas property investors than ever before, flights to Cape Verde are constantly on the increase. These extra services have prompted savvy investors to look at the Islands’ great potential for wise moves into property and tourism in Cape Verde. Those investors who bought only 24 months ago have already seen price increases of some 70% in some locations, a fact which, in itself, is a great indicator of what is still to come while economic development is by no means over.

Due to increased economic activity, Cape Verde now celebrates a matching decline in unemployment along with far higher standards of living than ever experienced on the Islands. Recent improvements to the infrastructure and utilities are key areas which Cape Verde has been developing, bringing about vast improvements to islanders’ daily lives. For example, in 2000 only 68% of households had electricity while today over 90% are connected to mains power. Other services such as running water, waste and sewage disposal are now widely available as the country swiftly moves on with modern times to become one of the world’s top tourist and investment locations.

So the winds of change are still blowing strong in Cape Verde and its sails are filled towards its final destination of success. Many investors are eagerly jumping aboard in order to reap the rewards that emerging Cape Verde offers today.

Finding the Right Divorce Lawyer or Family Lawyer

Going through a divorce can be a very stressful process for both parties and the children that are involved. There are number of issues to be addressed when going through a divorce, ranging from property division to child custody agreements. It can get even more complicated when there are additional assets involved such as a family business that needs to be divided. Choosing the right divorce lawyer can help ease the process of a divorce and make things seem less complicated.

Divorce laws vary from state to state so it is best to consult an attorney who specializes in family law. You want to make sure that your family lawyer has the experience that is necessary. It is also important to research your lawyer and make sure he or she is an expert in handling cases related to child custody, child support, spousal support, property division, property valuation, business valuation, professional practice valuation, and division of retirements and investments. Also, post divorce issues that may arise such as modification of child support, custody, spousal support, or dividing assets not disclosed by the other party in the original divorce case. In addition to expertise, you want to choose a family lawyer that is compassionate, personable, and an effective communicator. The process of a divorce can last a long time, so it is essential that you maintain a good relationship with your lawyer.

There is no doubt that a divorce is both financially and emotionally draining on both parties that are involved. An alternative to the traditional court process is collaborative divorce. In this process, the parties along with their lawyers discuss ways to amicably resolve their case without involving the courts. This can save a considerable amount of money and diminish emotional distress for both parties involved and the children.

It’s important that you find a family law attorney that specializes in divorce cases, such as divorce, child custody and property division, and the attorneys that are experts in handling divorce cases. In addition to these services make sure the lawyer offers context of litigation, collaborative divorce, and mediation, when necessary, employ financial planners, accountants, appraisers, mental health persons, and other individuals to assist you in the process.

Family law offices have also used the process of collaborative divorce to resolve divorce cases. You should do some research to find the best family law attorney who provides legal representation for your local city.

Make It Or Break It With Your Home Business

To make it or break it on the Internet you might use something you never even thought of. Making it isn’t always about the physical content. Making it or breaking it isn’t always about SEO or just the content. I was in the auto motive retail industry for over 25 years, and there are more similarities than you think.

One of the most important things I learnt in sales was people had to like you, I know what you’re thinking. What does that have to do with the Internet; there is no face to face or direct contact. I believe that’s all the more reason for you to get them to like you. You can share with people your experiences and even the funny things that have happened to you. Everybody that starts in the Internet home business does just that, starts. I believe that you being on the same level as the beginner is important and not just suggesting to them to try this or try that.

There were some words of wisdom I picked up a long time ago from a man named Joe Verde. He said if a client likes you they will listen, if they listen to you they will probably believe you. If they believe you this increases your chances of them buying from you. Makes sense doesn’t it. If this is true then so is the opposite, If they don’t like you they probably won’t listen and if they don’t listen they definitely won’t believe you and if they don’t believe you I’m pretty sure they won’t buy from you.

Have a little fun with it, If 50 people jumped of a cliff would you jump to? You can be yourself and still be successful. If your different than everyone else your unique, If your unique that’s not a bad thing.

Always remember if you think you’re going to fail or you think you’re going to succeed……… you’re right.