Poor Customer Service Is a Costly Business Mistake

Most everyone who owns a business knows how important referrals or word of mouth marketing is for the success of their business. Equally important is the absence of any negative word of mouth marketing from your customers about your business. Nothing will close down a business quicker than gaining a reputation for poor customer service. Think about how many times you have had a poor experience at a local restaurant and how many people you may have told about this experience. Have you ever been back to that Restaurant? Do you think the friends you’ve told ever go there? The answer to both is likely “No”. Is that restaurant still in business? Most of the restaurants where I’ve experienced poor service are no longer operating. The simple facts are if a business doesn’t focus on providing the best service to their customers they will quickly be out of business.

Word of bad service spreads quickly and not focusing on satisfying your current customers will prove to be a costly mistake. A study from the Verde Group and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania revealed some startling statistics. First the study revealed that almost half of shoppers will avoid a particular store because of someone else’s negative experience. Also, 31% of customers will tell one or more friends about a poor experience and on average will tell four people.

In today’s internet crazed society four people can quickly turn into thousands of people if a customer decides to share their experience online through review sites or social networks such as Twitter or Facebook. And, when that negative experience is shared, you can certainly count on a bit of embellishment to make the experience sound a bit more terrible than the actual truth. The study further concluded that out of 100 dissatisfied customers a business stands to lose between 32 and 36 current or potential customers.

It is much cheaper to retain a current customer than it is to attract a new one. Businesses with a strategic focus on service stand to gain much more than a business focused on growth from creative marketing and slick ad campaigns. I would much rather visit our locally owned Roush’s hardware store than the major retail home improvement center nearby. Every time I visit Roush’s I can count on someone asking me if I need assistance finding something within 1-2 minutes of walking in the store. This is certainly not the case when I visit the major retailer. In fact, during my last visit to this store not one employee offered any assistance the entire time I spent in the store.

When I finally asked an employee for assistance in finding the item I needed, they simply told me the aisle and approximate location where I should look. Needless to say, I haven’t been back to that store. I’ll probably tell a few people along the way about my poor experience there and how Roush’s is always eager to assist their customers once they walk in the door. I may even post my poor experience online to share with the world. How many people will see this online is anyone’s guess but I’m thinking it will be more than just a few. Can you afford the possibility of having hundreds or perhaps thousands of people know your business doesn’t value it’s customers? A simple strategy that focuses on providing great customer service to your current customer base will go a long way towards marketing your business.

What to See on Holiday in Costa Verde

The beautiful coast of Costa Verde located is undoubtedly, a captivating terrain to visit. It is blessed with the picturesque landscapes of the high mountain ranges of Cantabrica and Cordillera.

This region of Portugal is very popular with families staying in holiday rentals. They come to Costa Verde and rent holiday villas and self catering holiday apartments as holiday homes.

The breathtaking views of the mountains, beautiful clear lakes and river valleys help make it a relaxing holiday. Tourists like to visit the local fishing villages, lush forests, narrow passes and deep ravines during their time in Costa Verde.

The assortment of colors of the landscapes is quite stunning. They contrast against the deep blue waters of ocean and green shades of the valleys and forests. This part of Portugal has beautiful crystal blue lakes and rivers that attract many people on fishing holidays. When you are on a self catering holiday in Costa Verde you can visit the mountains and explore the stunning local countryside.

The great thing about this part of Portugal is the diversity of things to do and see. You can go hiking in the countryside, try your hand at climbing or opt for a holiday villa by the sea.

There is so much to see and do in Costa Verde on a family holiday. Many families rent holiday homes and use them as a base to explore the local countryside. Then at night they can sample the local food and wine before returning to their holiday accommodation.

The Costa Verde is recognized across the world for its excellent culinary delights. As this part of Portugal is blessed with a sea full of fish and a rich fertile landscape, there is a great variety of local food. Costa Verde has many specialist local dishes and many tourists are amazed at the variety of excellent local food and wine.

The ambience of this region of Portugal is reflected in its cuisine and you can sample many of the different local dishes. Some of the most popular are salmon, trout, venison, lamb, morcilla, tierra, pork stew, fabada, tipicos and chorizo. There are also many local wines that can be sampled with each course. It is said that this part of Portugal is a culinary dream.

It does not matter if you are looking for a relaxing day by the pool or an energetic day trying your hand at water sports as Costa Verde has so much to offer. It is popular with tourists of all ages and has self catering holiday accommodation to suite all tastes and budgets. You can rent a farmhouse in the country, a self catering holiday cottage in the mountains or a holiday villa by the sea.

For lovers of local night life, you can rent a holiday apartment in one of the local towns and enjoy the busy bars and restaurants that this region of Portugal has to offer. It is no surprise that tourism is growing each year in Costa Verde and many families return this beautiful place year after year renting holiday homes.

YouTube Information Give Away – Grow Your Small Business Using Expert Videos

The internet is hungry for information. Google wants to compile all human knowledge in its search engines. When you help Google attain its goal, they reward you with positioning on key search terms that you care about. If your YouTube video has information that your client base is seeking, they will find the video to get that information. If you give them great information, they are substantially more likely to buy from you.

One of my clients does professional bicycle fittings. I bet you didn’t even know that there was such a thing. In order to get the most power, the greatest endurance, the most comfort, and the least chance of injury, the bicycle needs to properly fit the rider. The certified fitting instructor commonly charges $100 – $300 and takes two hours or more to get a proper fit.

PV Bicycle Center in Palos Verdes, California, is possibly the premier bicycle retailer in the country for these types of fittings. They have a very substantial studio set aside exclusively to conduct this business. Recently they created four videos, each almost 10 minutes long, that gave away every single secret of the fitting procedure (find by searching for bicycle fitting PV Bicycles). The combined videos receive about 40 viewings per day, and PV Bicycle Center now consistently sells out the appointment times available.

Only a truly gifted prognosticator could have possibly imagined even twenty years ago that individuals and companies would be so easily sharing their most closely guarded secrets. This article is an example. As a marketing consultant I would have treated what I’m about to share as secret stuff, close to the way Coke guards their formula. Not any more. In this age of forums, article directories, comprehensive website, blogs, and Twitter, those who have the best information to share, and then share it, are commonly the ones who end up with the biggest client list.

I have created blogs and YouTube videos that explain all of the following. They are completely free of charge, and I don’t even know who watches them or reads them unless they call or email me.

  1. What you need to make a video
  2. How to create a video
  3. How to use video as a marketing tool
  4. How to upload and market a YouTube video
  5. What to put on your videos

What I know about sharing all of this with the world is the following:

  • Some of you will be too fearful of the technology to do it yourself
  • Some of you will not have the patience to see it through
  • Some will try it and be very unhappy with the results
  • Most who do all of the work will need dozens of failures to get to success

I know that many who attempt to do it themselves will call a small business video marketing consultant like me at some time along the way, and that phone call will result in business for my company. And now YOU know exactly how to use the proprietary information that you possess to do the same thing.