Investing in Cape Verde

Cape Verde is the new tourist destination where many international real estate investors have directed all their attention to. Heavy tourism investment as well as foreign property investment offers an ideal environment to reap good returns on investing in Cape Verde. The government of Cape Verde is supporting the need of international investors to invest in the region as this will promote overall economic growth by creating jobs and capital investment. Particularly, the government is very keen for investors to finance the development and growth of the hotels sector and visitor accommodation in the region.

The four earmarked islands for tourist development include Boa Vista, Sal, Santiago and Maio and today, these islands have become popular investment opportunity for Irish and British investors as major developments are currently underway. Over the next years, Sao Vincente and Santa Antao islands will be the ideal areas to invest in Cape Verde as the islands are developing as the tourist numbers continues to increase rapidly in Cape Verde and it has been estimated that the figure will be approximately one million every year by the year 2015.

As a way to promote foreign investment, the latest legislation provides foreign investors with a benefit of owning land outfight as well as enjoying long tax holidays plus reductions to tourist operating businesses. Other types of incentives offer business owners the opportunity of transferring all the net revenues earned from their businesses back to their home country.

As years go by, the islands of Cape Verde will continue to be the destination of choice for many tourists and the tourism infrastructure will become more developed, this will lead to an increase in the prices of property and land. Therefore, any foreign investor willing to invest in the region has the best opportunity to invest now as it is still growing before it becomes fully established as one of the best international tourist destinations.

At the moment, Cape provides investors with the desirable opportunity of purchasing land as well as quality property in one of the prime locations in the region. The islands in the region continue to experience an enormous tourist boom and this will lead to an inevitable impact on all timely investments in real estate in Cape Verde.

For investors who are searching for a property investment alternative to Europe, the emerging markets in the region provides the perfect opportunities as properties in the region posses a strong rental potential and can also be found at attractive prices.

Natural and cultural factors which promote investment in the region include warm, sunny weather experienced all year round, attractive beaches, exotic tropical plantations and beautiful mountains, affordable holidays and low living costs among others.

Main economic factors facilitating investment include huge potential of growth in tourist industry, new international airport, and strong public as well as private investment, up to three years guaranteed rental schemes, expected increase in the value of property, stable democracy that supports foreign direct investments and the early stage of development in Cape Verde makes it a perfect time to invest.